yowmodellini model list

Listed below are the YOW MODELLINI scale models in reverse chronological order.

If the stock is "Sold Out" it means we currently have no items for sale. Should you have an interest in an item from which the stock is "Sold Out" please don`t hesitate to contact us. In case of sufficient interest a kit might be re-issued.

The model list below shows the prices and availibility for kits, however if you wish to do so you can also buy YOW MODELLINI built kits.
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K212 Alfa Romeo tipo 512
K211 Alfa Romeo SE048 SP Gr.C prototipo Abarth
K210 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Spider Touring
K209 Maserati Mostro LOUD Zagato
K208 Aston Martin VULCAN
K207 Fiat TREPIUNO Concept
K206 Aston Martin DP100 Vision GT
K205 Aston Martin David Brouwn Speedback GT
K204 Aston Martin Virage Shooting Brake Zagato
K203 De Tomaso Vallelunga Spyder Fissore
K202 Porsche Carrera GTZ Zagato
K201 Vector M12 AmericanFlag "powered by Lamborghini" -
K200 Aston Martin DBS Spider Zagato Zagato
K199 BMW GranLusso Coupe Pininfarina
K198 Aston Martin DBS Coupe Zagato Zagato
K197 Lamborghini L147 I.DE.A 1999 I.DE.A
K196 Aston Martin AMV10 -
K195 Aston Martin RAPIDE Jet 2+2 Concept Bertone
K194 Lamborghini Parcour Roadster Giugiaro
K193 Lamborghini Parcour Concept Giugiaro
K192 Ferrari Sergio Concept Pininfarina
K191 Lamborghini Diablo Chrysler proposal Gandini M.Gandini
K190 Lamborghini Diablo VT Strosek Strosek
K189 Messerschmitt KR200 Super Rekordwagen -
K188 BMW Z4 Roadster Zagato Zagato
K187 BMW Z4 Coupe Zagato Zagato
K186 Giugiaro QUARANTA TAXI Giugiaro
K185 Ferrari Dino Berlinetta GT proto Pininfarina
K184 Autobianchi A112 Zagato
K183 Fiat Dino Berlinetta Pininfarina
K182 Fiat Dino Ginevra Berlinetta Pininfarina
K181 Fiat Dino Studio di Linea Pininfarina
K180 Bentley Continental Coupe Speciale Pininfarina
K179 Lancia Aurelia Florida berline 2 poste Pininfarina
K178 Volkswagen karmann Cheetah Italdesign
K177 Bentley Mark Ⅵ "Cresta" Continental Pininfarina
K176 Bentley T1 Coupe Speciale Pininfarina
K175 Fiat ECOS Pininfarina
K174 Lancia HIT Pininifarina
K173 Lancia MEDUSA Italdesign
K172 De Tomaso Pampero Ghia
K171 Lancia Flavia Super Sport 1967 Zagato
K170 Cisitalia 202E Concept IED
K169 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Concept Touring
K168 Aston Martin CC100 Speedster Concept -
K167 Giugiaro Brivido Giugiaro
K166 Volkswagen Up! Azzurra Sailing Team Concept Giugiaro
K165 Bentley EXP10 Speed6 Concept
K164 Lamborghini URRACO prototipo #1 Bertone
K163 Lamborghini P-132 3rd proto -
K162 Lamborghini Giugiaro Lamborghini Giugiaro
K161 Saab NOVANTA Bertone
K160 Jaguar B99 Bertone
K159 Fiat Enduro Bertone
K158 Lancia KAYAK Bertone
K157 Fiat 128 COUPE Bertone
K156 Opel Slalom Bertone
K155 Ford MUSTANG Bertone
K154 Jaguar PIRANA Bertone
K153 Fiat 127 VILLAGE Bertone
K152 Citroen COUPE DE PLAGE Bertone
K151 Alfa Romeo 2000 Sestriere 1958 Torino Pininfarina
K150 Mazda MX-81 ARIA Bertone
K149 Fiat Barchetta Bertone
K148 Lancia Suagna Bertone
K147 Jaguar FT Bertone
K146 Ford Shelby Mustang 350GT Zagato
K145 Lamborghini COATL GT 1998 -
K144 Lamborghini EROS GT-1 2000 -
K143 Lamborghini ALAR 777 2010 -
K142 Alfa Romeo 2600 SZ proto 1962 Torino Zagato
K141 Porsche 911 B17 Pininfarina
K140 Ferrari Touring Berlinetta Lusso Touring
K139 Alfa Romeo Giulietta TI Ministeriale Colli
K138 Aston Martin V12 VANTAGE CORSA Zagato
K137 Aston Martin V12 VANTAGE Pototipo Zagato
K136 Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Berlinetta Giugiaro
K135 Alfa Romeo 1900L TI Pininfarina
K134 Maserati Quattroporte AGA KHAN 1971 Paris Frua
K133 Chevrolet CODATRONCA MONZA Spada Design
K132 Maserati CHICANE Concept IED
K131 De Tomaso 2000 Pantera Concepy M. Gandini
K130 Lamborghini P400 SONATA Enzo Stuardi
K129 Alfa Romeo BREZZA Spider Concept -
K128 Lamborghini MIURA Barquetta -
K127 Lancia Abarth SE037 PROTO Pininfarina
K126 Lamborghini PARCOUR GT Giugiaro
K125 Aston Martin VANQUISH EG Boniolo
K124 Abarth Biposto 1500 Bertone
K123 Fiat 500 Coupe Zagato
K122 Pininfarina SINTESI Pininfarina
K121 Lamborghini P-132 2nd proto Marcello Gandini
K120 Lamborghini DIABLO GTR Evoluzione LM Affolter
K119 Lamborghini DIABLO GT2 proto -
K118 Lamborghini PREGUNTA Heuliez
K117 Ferrari Enzo Modulo -
K116 Ferrari PF MODULO Pininfarina
K115 SSC TUATARA (Ultimate AeroⅡ) Jason Castriota
K114 Lancia NEW STRATOS Alitalia Pininfarina
K113 Lancia STRATOS Competizione Alitalia Fenomenon
K112 Lamborghini LM003 ZAGATO Zagato
K111 Lancia STRATOS Concept Fenomenon
K110 Lamborghini MIURA SPORT Gr7 AMS
K109 Lamborghini MIURA Le Mans Colambo Luigi Colani
K108 Lamborghini LM001 1st proto -
K107 Lamborghini COUNTACH Bonneville -
K106 Lamborghini Countach L150 -
K105 Lamborghini URRACO Proto #2 Bertone
K104 Lamborghini JALPA Proto Bertone
K103 Lamborghini JALPA Spider Proto Bertone
K102 Lamborghini SILHOUETTO proto Bertone
K101 Peugeot GRIFFE4 Pininfarina
K100 Chevrolet RONDINE Pininfarina
K099 Alfa Romeo 2000 Sestriere 1957 Pininfarina
K098 B.Engineering EDONIS 2nd Proto -
K097 Lamborghini RAPTOR Zagato
K096 Lamborghini MIURA CONCEPT -
K095 B.Engineering EDONIS 1st Proto -
K094 Lamborghini MARZAL Bertone
K093 Lamborghini BRAVO Bertone
K092 Alfa Romeo NAVAJO Bertone
K091 Fiat Panda STRIP Italdesign
K090 Lamborghini CALA Italdesign
K089 VW Porsche TAPIRO Italdesign
K088 Lamborghini MARCOPOLO Italdesign
K087 Porsche KARISMA Bertone
K086 Fiat Abarth 1600GT Italdesign
K085 Fiat Abarth 750 Coupe Bertone
K084 Fiat Abarth 750 Spider Bertone
K083 Lamborghini TIGER Touring
K082 Lamborghini ESPADA Proto Bertone
K081 Lancia New STRATOS Pininfarina
K080 Lamborghini DIABLO P-132 1st Proto Marcello Gandini
K079 Lamborghini FAENA Frua
K078 Lamborghini LMA -
K077 Lamborghini LM004 -
K076 Lamborghini LM001 -
K075 Lamborghini CHEETAH -
K074 Alfa Romeo Giulia GT super sport proto Bertone
K073 Alfa Romeo 2600 High Speed Bertone
K072 Alfa Romeo 2600 SZ proto"Museo Storico" Zagato
K071 Maserati BURAN Italdesign
K070 Maserati MEDICI 1 Italdesign
K069 Maserati QUATTROPORTE Ⅱ Fuoriserie Bertone
K068 Maserati AUGE Castagna
K067 Maserati 320S Giugiaro
K066 Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa Zagato
K065 Alfa Romeo TEMPOLIBERO Zagato
K064 Alfa Romeo MONTREAL PROTO Bertone
K063 Alfa Romeo TAXI CONCEPT Italdesign
K062 Alfa Romeo 2UETTOTTANTA Pininfarina
K061 Alfa Romeo PANDION Bertone
K060 Fiat Abarth 500Z Zagato
K059 Autobianchi GIOVANI Pininfarina
K058 Fiat Abarth 500 coupe speciale Pininfarina
K057 Autobianchi RUNABOUT Bertone
K056 Alfa Romeo DELFINO Bertone
K055 Alfa Romeo CANGURO Bertone
K054 Maserati A8GCS Touring
K053 Chevrolet MANTIDE Bertone
K052 Maserati GSZ Zagato
K051 Maserati SIMUN Ghia
K050 Maserati COUPE 2+2 tipo 124 Italdesign
K049 Lotus EMOTION Bertone
K048 Ferrari ARIA Castagna
K047 Ferrari ROSSELLINI Castagna
K046 Chevrolet NIVOLA Bertone
K045 Chevrolet TS CODATRONCA Spada Design
K044 Jaguar XJ220 "Sultan of Brunei" Pininfarina
K043 Chevrolet MORAY-GT Giugiaro
K042 Maserati BOOMERANG Italdesign
K041 Alfa Romeo B.A.T. 11 Bertone
K040 Fiat 500 ZANZARA "Salone di Torino" Zagato
K039 Ferrari P4/5 Competizione Pininfarina
K038 Rolls Royce HYPERION Pininfarina
K037 Frazer Nash NAMIR-GT Giugiaro
K036 Toyota QUARANTA Giugiaro
K035 Porsche VERA Art&Tech
K034 Frazer Nash NAMIR Giugiaro
K033 Lamborghini JARAMA-SVR -
K032 Lamborghini JARAMA-RS -
K031 Ferrari AUREA Berlinetta DGF
K030 Isuzu Bellett MX1600 Prototipo -
K029 Lamborghini ACOSTA Marcello Gandini
K028 Ferrari P4/5 Pininfarina
K027 Ferrari AUREA Spider DGF
K026 Ferrari AUREA GT DGF
K025 Maserati SHAMAL Marcello Gandini
K024 Ferrari GG50 Giugiaro
K023 Chevrolet RAMARRO Bertone
K022 Maserati BIRDCAGE 75th Pininfarina
K021 Nissan GTR PROTO -
K020 Fiat Abarth 2000 COUPE SPECIAL Pininfarina
K019 Lamborghini SOGNA Art&Tech
K018 Honda ARGENTO VIVO Pininfarina
K017 Yamaha OX-99 -
K016 Ferrari RAINBOW Bertone
K015 Nissan GTR CONCEPT -
K014 Jiotto CASPITA -
K013 Alfa Romeo SPORTUT Bertone
K012 Lamborghini GENESIS Bertone
K011 Sauber Mercedes C292 proto -
K010 Aston Martin 20/20 Italdesign
K009 Ford MUSTANG Concept Italdesign
K008 Lancia SIBILO Bertone
K007 Citroen OSEE Pininfarina
K006 Fiat 500 ZANZARA proto Zagato
K005 Alfa Romeo SCIGHERA Italdesign
K004 Alfa Romeo SCIGHERA-GT Italdesign
K003 Aston Martin AR-1 Zagato
K002 Aston Martin DB7Z Zagato
K001 Suzuki GO Bertone
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